Q&A With Donnie Keshawarz Part 3

Posted: June 27, 2015 by Tonya in Q&A With Donnie Keshawarz
Feb 28, 2015
1- Is there a certain place you'd love to film something on location?
Donnie: Puerto Rico would be nice. First, it's a tropical island! And my wife's family is down there. That'd be great fun!
2- Is there an actor/actress from film history you wish you could have worked with?
Donnie: Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a fave of mine. I knew him socially, but we never worked together. His loss to the acting world is immense! He was a true artist.
3- If you could star in an autobiographical film, who would you like to portray?
Donnie: When I was younger, I'd've said Elvis Presley. Now that I'm older, guess it would be 'older, fatter Elvis!
4- Any particular actor/director/writer you would like to see on the show?
Donnie: I had the pleasure of working with Martin Scorsese a few years back. He's a gem, and clearly an icon! Would be cool to work with him again!
5- Is there a quality to Hanson that you added...and is there anything in particular we should look forward to with his character?
Donnie: He was initially described as 'brash' in the pilot episode. I've tried to give him as much sensitivity as are within the parameters of the role. Especially with those to whom he's loyal, like Jo. I also have tried to lend him a sense of humor.
6- Who is the best dancer on set? Who is the best singer on set? And who is the best drinker on set?
Donnie: Alana breaks into little dances occasionally, and she's awesome! Although Cuba Gooding JR. Sets a pretty high bar for dancing! I never drink and tell, lol!
7- Name the perfect 3 course meal?
Donnie: Beet and goat cheese salad, porterhouse steak, creme brûlée!
8- If you were a superhero. What would be your superpower, your name..and what would your costume be like?
Donnie: Saving people from death. 'Life-man'? Jeans & t-shirt. Sorry, comfort is always key!
9- What training did you receive for the role on Forever?
Donnie: I did a few ride-alongs with Joe Guerra and several other awesome NYPD detectives. All great guys!
10- If you could Front any rock band who would it be and why?
Donnie: Well, I'd want RUSH, but they wouldn't want me. For me, they are simply the best rock band of my time!
11- If you could name an episode on Forever...what would it be called?
Donnie: DANCIN HANSON? ...yeah, there's a reason I'm an actor and not a writer
12- What language would you love to learn?
Donnie: Well, I have some basic knowledge of Italian and Spanish, so let's go with Hindi, what the heck!
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