Q&A With Donnie Keshawarz Part 2

Posted: June 27, 2015 by Tonya in Q&A With Donnie Keshawarz
Jan. 23, 2015
Once again Donnie was kind enough to answer some more Questions for us. Maybe this can be a Monthly thing I don't know but here are 5 more Questions he answered. Enjoy!
1. What is a typical day on set? Is there any teasers or spoilers that you can share with us about your character that is coming up?
Donnie: usually arrive on set pretty early. 5-6 am. Have breakfast (a fruit smoothie that I call 'Alana juice' because as far as I know she invented it, and I just had it replicated. Not even sure what's in it! Beets, apples 'n other good stuff!) then into the hair & makeup chairs. Then on set to rehearse/shoot scenes. In between takes, I'll do a little meditating, work on scripts, and catch up with Alana, Joel, Ioan, Lorraine. We usually talk family stuff. How are the kids, wives, husbands, girlfriends, etc..love this group! That's pretty much the template for the rest of the day. Maybe I'm leaving out the multiple trips to craft services where I set out for fruit, but invariably leave with chocolate covered almonds and a handful of guilt. Gonna try to replace 'crafty-time' with push-ups and crunches!
2. I'm not sure what episode you are shooting now What has been the funniest thing or day you've experienced on set? If so we want details.
Donnie: our crew come up with dress up days every now and again. Kinda like a random Halloween moment. Sometime around thanksgiving it was 'pilgrim day'. A great guy named Jeff, an electrician, wore a pilgrim costume that words cannot really do justice! Let's just say that he looked like a combo of marylin Manson & raggedy Ann! Him walking around with cables and tools in that getup! Some images can't be unseen!
3. "The Cobbler " How did you find out about this role? Can you tell us little about your character in the movie? 
Donnie: the cobbler was great fun! I play Adam sanders great-grandfather, Dustin Hoffmanns  grandfather if u can get your head around that!...all in flashback to the tenement era of nyc. I'm only in like the first 20 mins of the film, but it was fun!
4. "Experimenter" Can you tell us about this movie and your character?
Donnie: EXPERIMENTER is this cool little indie that'll premier at Sundance film festival this year. Peter Sarsgaard (lovely guy) plays this scientist in the 50's who used questionable/sadistic methods to do experiments on human behavior. I play one of his subjects, Bruno. Cameo role, but again great fun!
5. Just for fun! I've been going back and watching certain episodes of the TV shows that you have been in. What has been your favorite Character to play? Is there another TV show that you would like to be a guest on and why?
Donnie: well, one of my fave shows of the last 5 years is HOMELAND. So it was an honor & privilege to play the role of Hafez A.Z. Azizi in season 3. Great writing! Damien Lewis one of the finest actors, and supreme human beings I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Wow, so many great shows out there! I've been lucky to have acted on many of my faves...SOPRANOS, 24..more incredible writing there...missed out on BREAKING BAD! That surely would've been a highlight!
Spoilers are no fun, but I don't really have any at the moment anyway. Hanson pretty much remains true-to-form!
Here is the Trailer for "The Cobbler  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcAc9Uq1sME

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