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On Tuesday January 19, 2016, Donnie Keshawarz joined fellow Forever alumni Alana De La Garza & Mackenzie Mauzy along with the show’s creator Matt Miller on Twitter for a Q&A session with fans in celebration of the series DVD release. Several questions were answered giving a glimpse into what the future would have looked like for the story & characters that viewers fell in love with during its 22 episode run on ABC’s 2014 – 2015 season.
Here are a few of the highlights of Donnie’s portion of the chat:















To read the rest of the chat, visit: Twitter #ForeverDVD
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Forever Season 1 on DVD for US Pre-Order Links

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Here are some Pre-Order Links for US fans of Forever.
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Barnes and Noble

“Forever & Ever!” by Brian O’Marra & Jeff Sack

Posted: January 5, 2016 by Tonya in News
Since the cancellation of Forever back in May, I had read several FanFiction articles on various websites. I felt what would be even nicer would be to accompany them with illustrations. In other words, create a Forever graphic novel. I had started working on one back in August 2015 but found no one to post it online.
A few months back, I sent out a Tweet of the Forever artwork as a cartoon strip and tagged Jeff Sack on Twitter. We contacted each other about using my illustrations with a Forever story he had envisioned. In other words a Forever Universe which would expand on the one Matt Miller had established but be brand new.
So far, two chapters have been completed. The first chapter used the bulk of the graphic novel I wrote. Beginning with the second chapter, Jeff took over as story writer and has received joint credit. We call this graphic novel, “Forever & Ever!” This is a name to symbolize our desire to see it continue for as long as the fans enjoy it and we can keep the stories coming.
We felt that after the holidays would be a great time to launch this on a Facebook page. And since Tuesdays were always associated with Forever, the first chapter would be posted in its entirety on January 5, 2016. Three weeks later on January 26, all of the second chapter would be posted. Then, about another three weeks later beginning with Chapter Three, start posting one page at a time from Monday through Friday every week.
This project is one in which Jeff Sack and I will never earn a penny. It is being done for fun and as a labor of love for the show Matt Miller created, for our love of the cast, and the writing.
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Screenwiper Blogspot – 1/3/16 – Fans get a chance to resolve their separation anxiety in new Forever Fan Fiction and Art project.
Promo Photos of the new NBC show called Shades of Blue that will be starting next Thursday 9/8c Jan 7th. Our very own Donnie Keshawarz will be a Guest Star in Episode 10. I for one is looking forward to see Donnie on TV again and will be checking out this show.
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Photos taken by Jeff Riedel/NBC


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