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24 Day 2 10:pm – 11pm was Donnie‘s 1st appearance in this amazing TV show he was in a total of 6 episodes in Season 2.
Throwback Thursday, a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from over the years.
There’s something of a stigma attached to 24’s whereby the show is known best for its pulsating action, use of the phrase “damn it” and general fast-paced storytelling. The show’s peak in the fourth and fifth seasons, which are almost entirely action-based, don’t help this assumption, and by the end of the original run, competent plotting had become somewhat secondary to big moments and cheap thrills. Go back to the early days, however, and things are vastly different. The debut season that enthralled millions featured carefully plotted story – let’s put the amnesia arc to one side – with actions set pieces somewhat few and far between (certainly in comparison to the later years) and seemed to set the tone and style for the show. And while this didn’t last for the entirety of 24’s 204 episodes, there were still hints of it to be seen throughout, especially in its sophomore season.

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