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Agent Dan Morgan, played by Donnie Keshawarz, is a member of the Department of Homeland Security. He comes to New York City in search of answers to the questions surrounding Vincent’s role in the death of Secretary Hill. He is dedicated to his work and is determined to find the truth at any cost. Cat interacts with Agent Morgan defending Vincent. With Vincent on the run, it’s up to JT & Cat to attempt to clear his name.
Beauty & The Beast airs Thursday night at 9PM EST on The CW Network
Donnie Keshawarz was kind enough to share that he will be playing DHS special agent Dan Morgan in a multi-episode arc in season 4 of the hit CW network series Beauty and The Beast Donnie is currently in Toronto filming his first appearance for the show. While we have no further information about air-dates or exactly how many episodes Donnie will appear in, it is safe to say season 4 will air in 2016! Make sure you check this page or follow Donnie on Twitter to keep up to date with his latest projects! Be sure to LIKE Donnie’s Facebook Page too.
Dec. 1, 2014
  1. How old were you when you started acting?
Donnie: I was 15 when I started acting. Did a play called GODS FAVORITE in high school.
  1. How is this role different from the others that you have previously played?
Donnie: the roles that I play on tv tend to be on one side of the law, or the other. So, in this way it's not so different.Mike Hanson's a bit different in that he may come across as a little dense, but we may learn that there's more depth to him than meets the eye.
  1. Do you identify with this character in any way?
Donnie: yes. Mostly in the way that he always means well. Sometimes, flawed as we are, we may not get it right but I, like Hanson always try to approach a thing with good intentions.
  1. You've been nominated in the best actor/actress category for the Oscars. Anything you want to say to your competitors?
Donnie: oh, geez! How did this happen?? Those other guys are such incredible actors, did you who voted not see their work?? If you want a few minutes to review their work, I don't mind waiting...
  1. What is the craziest thing you've ever done on set?
Donnie: any of my onset craziness is accidental. This one was onSTAGE, but still...I was doing this musical comedy...during the scene, the audience was in stitches like never before! As they ramped up their laughter, I revved up my comedic engine. All Pistons were really firing!! Anyway, it was the best audience response to the scene that I'd gotten. When the scene was over, I headed offstage and consulted with my stage manager in the wings. Saying something like 'wow, I really killed tonight,huh?' She suggested I look downward. It was quickly apparent that I'd done the entire scene with unzipped pants, and a shirt hem was poking through the open door! Yay!!!
  1. If you could have a luncheon with any three people (real or fictitious/from any time period/dead or alive), which three people would you choose and why?
Donnie: my dad, who passed when I was 18. 2) my sister, who passed 2 years ago. 3) The musician PRINCE. One of my faves!...the first 2 because there's always stuff u wish you'd said. The 3rd just to have lunch with a genius?
  1. What is the funniest prank played on you or played by you?
Donnie: it was funny to me- one Halloween when I was a kid, me and my buddy rigged up a bucket of water that poured on trick or treaters as we opened the door to greet them with candy. The prank didn't last long, as we were given an earful by some moms...not to mention our own!
  1. If you were stranded on a lonely beach, what are the five things that you would want to have with you?
Donnie: my iPod, a soccer ball, some drinking water, a hammock, and I dunno....a fully gassed-up speedboat? lol
  1. Is there an iconic movie role you would like to have played?
Donnie: Jake Lamotta in Raging Bull. Although, I'd never come close to robert de niro's genius!
  1. Who would your dream leading lady/man be to appear with you in a movie?
Donnie: would love to act with John Malkovich
  1. Favorite hobby?
Donnie: I still love soccer, but knee issues make it tough these days!
  1. If you were not an actor, what career would you most like to have?
Donnie: Rockstar!!!
  1. What is one of your favorite movies to watch?
Donnie: FEARLESS, with Jeff Bridges
  1. Favorite junk food?
Donnie: anything chocolate!!!
  1. what is a typical shoot like on the set of forever?
Donnie: very fun! No one takes themselves too seriously....except me when I can't memorize my lines!!
  1. any specific scene you have enjoyed shooting so far.
Donnie: a scene where me and Alana delagarza were digging through trash for evidence. No idea why.. It was just different and weird!
  1. if you could add another quality to the character of Hanson. What would it be?
Donnie: I'm liking all of his different colors so far
  1. how did you audition for the role of Hanson?
Donnie: it was an on-camera audition because the casting was all done in LA. I basically had two auditions: the initial one, and a callback. However, I had to do one additional one because of some technical difficulties with the camera or something.
  1. who is the prankster on set?
Donnie: no real prankster has evolved yet, but we all are pretty much jokesters!
  1. Any cool stories from your time on the set of forever?
Donnie: I loved working with laura Frazer. I m a huge fan of hers from BREAKING BAD, and it was cool working with someone whos work I so admire!
  1. To round it off would you ever consider - as a whole cast - recording a soundtrack together with you being lead singer?
Donnie: of course I'd consider it!!! Are we going for the most pitiful frontman award????